Lev Berlin & Sousa Remains Open at This Time to Assist Clients with Legal Needs During This COVID-19 Pandemic

Lev Berlin & Sousa understands that while many operations are pausing and being required to close in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the legal needs of people and businesses do not stop. As a boutique law firm, we have been able to pivot our practices and procedures in order to maintain operations in our office through the combination of working-from-home capabilities, reduction in personnel physically in the office, and observing recommended social distancing.

The Governor’s Executive Order for the State of Connecticut specifically lists legal services as an essential business, and so we are doing everything we can to continue to complete essential work for our clients. While some legal functions, particularly real estate transactions, can face greater challenges arising out of remote operations, we are working with various groups, including local bar associations, town government operations, and title insurance groups to ensure that we can proceed as best we can. Thankfully, most business, corporate, commercial, contract, financing, securities, technology, privacy, intellectual property, and employment law matters can continue to be advanced remotely, through telephone conferences, Zoom conferences, email, and scanned documents and materials.

While typically at least one person from Lev Berlin & Sousa will be physically in the office during business hours on most days, we strongly recommend clients and prospective clients call ahead or email us with any legal inquiries or needs, so that we can plan ahead and accordingly to ensure legal needs are being met in a reasonable, and, most importantly, safe, fashion.

Be well, stay safe, and do not hesitate to let us know if we can assist you during these unprecedented and trying times.

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